Enchanted Forest

Watercolour and oil-based pen on cold press, 10″ x 8″

Digital prints available for purchase.

She walked through the enchanted forest in search of beauty, in search of strength that stems from vulnerability. She was desperate to find grounding, for she had not understood the pain that lie within the vicissitudes of life, nor could she fathom the injustices of the world she breathed. So she searched, she went to the depths of the collective trees. She breathed the gentle breeze hugging their leaves, and she searched. She searched the emptiness of her loneliness as her feet kissed the mud, she searched through the haze of her craziness brought on by this world’s aggressions as her eye lashes sat in skies. As she searched, her skin began to tingle. She was reaching closer to the beauty she awaited to be immersed in. Her mind transformed into mirrors, and she reflected her memories etched into rivers. The trees responded to her by stretching out their roots, in thirst of her love. She embraced this moment, as the rain drops fell on the palate of her spirit to taste. And that is when she realised that she had made it. She saw her own reflection in the ocean of her tears. Sorrows let go, heart cracks freed. She reached her destination, for her destination was her journey. The beauty she sought was the resilience in her reflection. The strength she sought was herself….She knew that she had made it.” -farha najah

Enchanted Forest version 2