Alive and Well, Art/iculation Magazine (Spring 2018)

I have the pleasure of my visual art being part of Art/iculation Magazine’s Spring 2018 issue “Alive and Well.”  

The beautiful magazine cover is by Mathieu Cassendo. 

This issue – edited by Vincent Mousseau and Sofia Misenheimer, holds very important, analytical, and generous content with respect to social justice activism and resilience at different intersections of oppression (ongoing gratitude to Black feminists for this framework and analysis). More specifically, the issue “commemorates the resilience of local gender diverse communities…” Such works, demonstrating collective & individual resilience as well as solidarity, offer ongoing inspiration. My art work is part of the article The WanderedTo access the magazine online, click here.  For the print edition, click here.

“There are so many forces that don’t want us to be alive, and so just being openly who I am, and happy, and thriving, is a political act.” – Laverne Cox, Trans advocate and actress.  This quote is taken from the editors’ note.