farha najah imagination (copyright)

aql nazree (“Imagination”) by farha najah.

“I greatly appreciate the thought that Farha has put into her reading of the book.  Binaries (between art and science, faith and science, men and women, east and west, etc) must be challenged.  Farha’s calligraphy is a beautiful way to harmonize what others would have us divide.”   -Uzma Aslam Khan, author of The Geometry of God, commenting on the aql nazree (imagination) painting.

Mubeenah Mughal

Design by farha najah, inked by The People’s Ink.

“Farha made my tattoo calligraphy in Arabic calligraphy even more beautiful than I imagined it being.  I love that Farha’s work will be on my body for as long as I am alive.” -Mubeenah Mughal


Design by farha najah, inked by iamnattee

“This summer [2017], I designed my tattoo with Farha.  As a friend, I have had viewing privileges to a lot of her artwork and I have always been in awe.  I was particularly excited by her Urdu and Arabic calligraphy as this was exactly what I was looking for; it was the perfect fit! I loved the process of working with her. I gave her my initial ideas of what I wanted and how I envisioned the design. She took her time and engaged in what I said – we touched base several times throughout the artistic project. She would come back to me with what she had created and we engaged in a collaborative conversation on what worked and what needed some shifting. She always accepted my feedback with humility and respect and honored the fact that it was my tattoo and that it would be etched onto my skin at the end of the day. The last time we made changes, I knew it was my tattoo and I was ready to get inked! I have really enjoyed the process of making art with Farha and I am grateful to have been let in on the process.” -SRinked