Hibiscus Healers

Acrylic and watercolour on hot press 8″ x 5″

Digital prints available for purchase.

[the future is the present]

“Auntie, tell me the story about the hibiscus healers!”

“Oh jaan, the story of the hibiscus healers is both beautiful and hard to narrate, but I will do my best. You see, the hibiscus healers will create spaces of healing. They will struggle against systems set out to ruin most people, systems built to destroy the ways they interact with each other and the earth. They will be traumatised in many ways, but the healers will birth spaces, magical ones. They will engage in healing, and this will be an act of resistance. They will engage in dreaming, and this will be an act of resistance. They will not be overpowered by the system. They will engage with love, respect, accountability, and responsibility. This will be an act of resistance and revolution. They will understand revolution as a process across space and time. They will deconstruct notions of justice, in order to re-construct space and time collectively through the power of their imagination. They will close their eyes, and breathe- sometimes in the solitude of their collective, other times in the presence of their individual selves. They will touch the ground with their healing thoughts. They will cry and smile as structures of power and violence crumble. And, beautiful hibiscus flowers will grow, and flourish in all their intensity and generosity.”

“Auntie, tell it again, tell it again!”

“Janoo, it’s time to water the hibiscus flowers and go to bed. Shaba kher.”

“Awww, ok…Auntie, you have a tear in your eye.”

“I know jaan,” as she said while smiling”

– farha najah