bismeh insaf, bismeh piyaar, bismeh jud o jehed

“In the name of justice; In the name of love; In the name of struggle”

Acrylic on canvas,  8” X 16” (x1); 7” X 5” (x3); Together: 15” x 16”

This piece conveys intentionality and the beginning of a healing process. It is inspired by the word “Bismillah,” in order to acknowledge my Muslim identity, particularly in a society that discriminates against Muslims.  This wording is also grounded in my anti-authoritarian, atheist and spiritual principles.

The calligraphy style is inspired by nasta’liq script. Common to its use, the words are written in a slanted manner in order to convey calm. The use of earth tones is used to convey grounding.

This image is used for the zine, “To Begin.  Again.” (Please see “Writing” section).